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Do your staff have the knowledge and tools for ongoing success?


Do you staff have the knowledge & tools for ongoing success?



Does the market know how you are uniquely different?


Does the market know how you are uniquely different?



Are you reaching your ideal customers?


Are you reaching your ideal customers?

Staff Retention & Optimization

As a manager of facilities, I had to make sure my active treatment and residential programs were staffed around the clock and all documentation was completed. Within every organization, we have a team of people working together to fulfill the mission. At times this is hard, backbreaking work and the turnover rates may be as high as 40%. In healthcare services we rely on a large number of rehabilitation assistants and direct care workers. As the population grows older, there will be a greater reliance on these paraprofessional staff.

Staff Retention & Optimization Overview

  • Mission, vision, and values
  • Turnover analysis
  • Mentoring opportunities and programs
  • Communication processes

Sales Team & Strategy For Startups

Every new company starts with a great idea to change the market or change the world. A key part of this is developing a sales and marketing process. You may have the best idea or application out there, but if you cannot find your audience it will be a hard road. Our goal is to help your organization develop the key building blocks for a strong marketing message and a solid sales process foundation.

Sales Team & Strategy Overview

  • Organizational and product review
  • Sales process, steps, and pricing education
  • Sales team review and training
  • Team / Executive compensation and incentive planning
  • Development and hardening of mutually developed sales processes
  • Review current processes of maintaining long-term client relationships
  • Review results of improved processes and reporting

Marketing Optimization

Connection and understanding of your product or service is key to organizational growth. There are many strategies and tactics to connect you to decision-makers and economic buyers. Our goal is to help you understand the options to magnify your opportunities. A succinct marketing plan is key to long-term success.

Marketing Team & Strategy For Startups Overview

  • Organizational and product review
  • Marketing process and baseline review
  • Development and hardening of mutually developed marketing initiatives
  • Develop strategies to maintain long-term client relationships
  • Review results of improved processes and marketing ROI

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