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Embarking on a new business endeavor? Don’t leave the past behind…

“Wow, what? This cannot be correct!?” This is what I was thinking while I was writing up my bio for my new business endeavor and realized I’ve been working for thirty years. Interestingly enough, I’ve worked in the rehabilitation services and the behavioral health “space” for all of it. I worked in traumatic brain injury [...]

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Telehealth in BH

One of the biggest barriers that prevent many people from going to the doctor for adequate medical care is transportation -- actually getting to your medical appointment can be a huge challenge. Whether it’s a lack of transportation, a significant distance to drive, a behavioral health issue or other disability that prevents them from [...]

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Behavioral Health is Primary Care

If you go to your doctor for a healthcare issue or an annual checkup, and they treat you for a physical healthcare issue - one part of the process should be related to your mental health also. This is becoming more commonplace but we have more work to do. The same is true for [...]

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Care Coordination

As the idea of Certified Community Healthcare Clinics (CCBHC’s) matures, we will begin to see leading organizations moving toward this new structure. This type of client-focused attention will improve the overall health of the Medicaid population by integrating primary care, establishing evidence-based practices, and actively coordinating services outside of their four walls. The criteria for [...]

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You Own Your Data

As the healthcare system evolves, more organizations are using technology to exchange crucial patient information. With tons of data being gathered, every healthcare provider needs to work in a way that is smart, safe, and efficient. As people expect complete access to their healthcare data, technology needs to move faster and more efficiently. We can [...]

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Remote Team Management Tips from a Home Office Pro

For most of us, working out of a home office is a new thing. For me, it’s been a long ride. I moved to a home office back in November of 2000 prior to the first internet bubble. At that point, DSL was the thing and online meetings consisted of the brand-spanking-new WebEx application or [...]

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The Evolution of Service Delivery

If you told me I’d be working out of the home office and we’d be in the middle of a global pandemic, like many of us, or maybe all of us, I’d scoff at the idea. I’d Google “pandemic” and become completely engrossed with those Black-Death bird masks of the bubonic plague era, and wonder [...]

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